I am Tommy of Tommy Woodpecker Woodworks, a wood turner, artisan, craftsman and carpenter. I design and make absolutely every single thing you see on my website. I have a natural affinity with wood. I have worked with wood and stone all my life; restoring and renovating old and listed buildings, castles, follies, churches and monuments of historic interest in and around the borders of Shropshire.

Following illness, I decided to turn my creative skills to designing and creating a range of artistic, handmade, unique wooden presents and gifts. I make a wide variety of items from gavels and carving mallets to jewellery, clocks and decorative objects. I have created a range of kitchen items from rolling pins, chopping boards and novelty items. I make Masonic craft and ceremonial items: martial arts sporting items; wooden musical boxes and chests; one off pieces of furniture, fireplace surrounds and a whole range of unusual wooden gifts, tools and custom made bespoke items, each with their own wow factor. I also design and create a range of martial arts tools including Yawara sticks and kubotans. If you need carving tools take a look at my carving mallets.

I design and hand craft your item in my own small workshop in Shropshire, the heart of England. I don’t use endangered woods and don’t import or sell anyone else’s items. All items are finished with beeswax so the natural beauty of the wood shines through, or food safe oil finish for kitchen items. I don’t use varnish, dyes, stains or lacquer. I do not import crafts made by anyone else nor do I export my designs to be mass produced elsewhere.

I only use wood from sustainable sources. I also up-cycle, re-purpose or recycle interesting woods where I can, from antique old furniture  or old lignum vitae bowling balls. Most of the English timbers are windblown or from gardens. All the fruit trees are garden trees. I start with an idea or drawing, often from a request for a birthday, retirement or wedding present. I can spend days looking for the right piece of beautiful wood. Then days of love and dedication go into the finished items you see on my Tommy Woodpecker Woodworks website and gallery. I have been doing this for over 20 years now. Post-Covid the price of all timbers has increased considerably and will unfortunately affect pricing accordingly, but there is still a great range of items to suit all pockets.